About JJ Semple

This isn't the Luminous Landscape, or even a wannabe clone. They are so many great landscape photographers out there, vying for the definitive take on desert flowers and canyons. I'm interested in all image types. Don't want to limit myself to any particular style.

I like shooting people, buildings, landscapes, sports, any situation that catches my eye. When I go looking for images, I try to open my eyes to the world around me. Each situation is different; weather, season, mood, time of day influence the final image, dictate to some extent, the gear and the camera settings: exposure, composition, and focus. The image comes first; I can pray that I've chosen the optimal settings. 


The great thing about digital is the price per image, so low, so fast, you can't help but learn. And the feedback loop from capturing an image to checking the image and settings is almost instantaneous. Capture, check image and settings. Start over.

But I'm also finding out that it's nice to have the right equipment. I can't use the E-PL5 for sports, so I have the Sony a57 and the Sigma 70-200mm lens. And for street and walk around photography, the a57 can get heavy. So out comes the E-PL5 or the Nikon V1. Same for shooting architecture — the Sony a57 is great. Set up on a tripod, I can slow down the exposure time, focus manually, and shoot at a optimal f stop. As for street, fast autofocus is mandatory. That's why the Sony NEX 5n didn't work for me: focus was slow and unreliable.

Perhaps, it's the illusion of capturing an image that's never been photographed before. Capturing the perfect image with an instrument in the hands of someone who's less than perfect, someone who doesn't know what all the dials and buttons are for and can't set the ones he does know fast enough. Perfection, by way of imperfection. That's the real challenge of photography.

My revised Mission Statement can be found here. You be the judge.