E-PL5, photo: Robin Wong

Currently I have an Olympus E-PL5 — a μ4/3 camera with the add-on EVF. I started with the E-PL1, which was stolen, then tried the E-PL3. I'm used to eye level viewing so the EVF is a must, but I also like the tilt LCD.

The Olympus handles camera stabilization in the camera instead in the lens as Panasonic does. This allows me to use non-stablized Panasonic lenses (20mm f1.7, for example) on the camera-stabilized E-PL5. What's more, Olympus has added an array of excellent prime lenses that I am saving up for

It doesn't have focus peaking, but then I realized I don't use manual focus that much for street shooting and autofocus is what Olympus does best. And, IQ is excellent.