Out of Focus

When using a legacy lens on a μ4/3 camera, I frequently set the aperture to allow bracketing over a wide depth of field, an approach I used successfully with film cameras and a pair of younger eyes. With autofocus lenses, I just start firing, waist-high or at some other angle. Both these methods produce their share of out-of-focus images.

I don't consider an out-of-focus image a total loss. I learn from it. In fact, if I look at it long enough, my mind's eye begins to focus it for me, or brings it into focus. Sometimes it even tells a story. And two-or-more out-of-focus images together tell an even more expressive tale.

I decided to save some of them and arrange them to tell a story over several images, then tried arranging them randomly. It's a story that never ends, an unfinished tale. Is that wrong?