Sony NEX Adventures

I have mixed bag history with Sony NEX offerings. I tried the NEX 3 in 2010, liked the color and the performance, but couldn't get used to the new-school, outstretched arms camera hold, so I sent it back.

Now, since I've decided on a plan of relative frugality — I don't make a living from photography — I'm trying to leverage my knowledge of the Sony Alpha human interface (and lenses) over the entire Sony line up. The a57 is a little unwieldy for the street.

I got to thinking that what I liked about the Olympus E-PL1 and E-PL3 were the add-on EVF and I realized that I could get one for the NEX 5n. What I didn't like about the Olympus was the lack of manual focus peaking. However, now that I have the E-PL5, I'm revising this stance, because I use it mainly on the street walking around. And that's where the Olympus beats the NEX 5n; it focuses faster and more reliably. And, at least for my needs, autofocus is crucial.

So I now have the a57, but have given up on the NEX 5n in spite of the capability to share accessories back and forth. The human interface shares the same conventions for the most part, but implements them in different ways. Nevertheless, there are some overlap in becoming proficient with one.

Again, this is a street camera that needs fast, accurate autofocus and it just doesn't deliver, so I rely on the E-PL5 and the Nikon v1..